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Leading regional development of floating offshore wind for the Celtic Sea region.

About Celtic
Sea Power

Celtic Sea Power is working to accelerate the industrialisation of floating offshore wind and maximize the socio-economic benefits for the people, businesses, and communities and regions of the Celtic Sea region.
With offices in Hayle, Cornwall and Pembroke Dock, Pembrokeshire, the Celtic Sea Power team of 18 includes offshore professionals with skills and experiences spanning offshore renewable energy, marine operations, marine technology, data analysis and offshore grid connection..

We are bringing innovation to the industrialisation of floating wind in the Celtic Sea and seeking to accelerate the regional build-out of this exciting new technology

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    To deliver floating offshore wind at the pace and scale needed, we have led in the development of the Celtic Sea FLOW Regional Strategy and are working with Celtic Sea Cluster partners to ensure lead in its execution.

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    We are using Cornish and Welsh European Regional Development Fund resources in two regional R&D projects – Cornwall FLOW Accelerator and Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone – to provide the innovation sandbox that will allow FLOW project and technology developers to move with the pace needed to establish the Celtic Sea as a world leading FLOW region.

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    We are working with a range of key regional stakeholders to make a distinctive contribution to Britain’s net zero targets and energy security strategy, and to develop the regional businesses and workforce that will allow the Celtic Sea region to prosper from the opportunity that FLOW represents.