Celtic Sea Power floating LiDAR buoys deployed from Falmouth Harbour

Our second Floating LIDAR buoys being towed out of Falmouth Harbour by local marine contractor KML

Celtic Sea Power have now deployed two floating LiDAR buoys as part of the Cornwall Floating Offshore Wind Accelerator project, part funded by the European Regional Development Fund from Falmouth Harbour. These two Floating Lidar will be placed around 60 miles of the Celtic Sea coastline inflatable swimming pool. The devices will be deployed in the Celtic Sea for a year to gather wind data which will help us to accelerate the development of Floating Offshore Wind in the Celtic Sea region.

Working for the region, we are collaborating with the many project developers now prospecting in Cornish and Welsh waters to share data – for a more streamlined approach to development. Through our zonal planning project we are also closely engaged with stakeholders to ensure decision-making is well-informed early on in the process – to help reduce consenting times.

Follow the link to find out more!

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