Data Hub

An Innovative Environmental Data Platform

Manned Aircraft carrying out survey work for the CFA project

The data hub is a central portal for visualizing and accessing environmental data for Celtic Sea Floating Offshore Wind development. It includes GIS layered data showing climate, met ocean, seabirds, marine mammals, and other environmental factors. 

  • Focused

    Specifically focusing on the unique requirements of floating offshore wind in the Celtic Sea, this platform will showcase the latest data and evidence in this growing sector.

  • Extensive

    The portal brings together both existing and new data and evidence, including from Celtic Sea Power's own floating LiDAR campaigns and digital ariel surveys.

  • Interactive

    The GIS portal is designed to be a user-friendly and interactive experience bringing greater accessibility to a whole range of data sets with visual representations.

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Data Overview Reports

As part of the data campaign, we are also in the process of developing reports that give an overview of the data collected from the FLiDAR each month, see below for the reports we have so far.

July  |  August  |  September  | More reports coming soon

Data Correlation Reports

We are also running a study on how closely satellite obtained data compares with that of the data collected by the floating LiDAR buoys to see if it could be possible to use satellite data instead of floating LiDAR buoys for offshore wind development.

July  |  August  |  September  | October  |  November  |  December  |  More reports coming soon

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