New PERMAGOV project set to boost EU marine governance

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The European Green Deal aims to tackle challenges such as environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, climate change, and pollution; transforming the EU into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. However, the current setup of marine governance is making it more difficult to reach Green Deal targets, with institutional barriers, lack of coherent policy mechanisms, and ineffective governance systems.

PERMAGOV, the new Horizon Europe project, sets out to break down barriers in marine governance and support the EU in reaching its Green Deal objectives in the Adriatic, Baltic, Celtic, and Mediterranean seas and in the national waters bordering Italy, Ireland, Slovenia, Croatia, Denmark and Norway. In each area, PERMAGOV will analyse existing governance structures to gain a thorough understanding of institutional barriers and formal-informal dynamics causing fragmentation.

Celtic Sea Power’s key role in the project is to provide specific case study input on floating offshore wind and other marine energy technologies to help guide the development of new approaches to Marine governance in the Celtic Sea and other European ocean basins. Celtic Sea Power recognise that a new more joined up approach to marine governance will be crucial to streamlining development and consent for offshore energy technologies that are critical to meeting both Cornwall and the UK’s climate change and net zero commitments.

PERMAGOV will be led by Wageningen University, with Celtic Sea Power as a partner, and funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program. The full list of partners is:chateau gonflable eau

  • Wageningen University, NL
  • Aalborg University, DK
  • The Arctic University of Norway, NO
  • The Research Institute for Sustainability in Potsdam, DE
  • The Finnish Environment Institute, FI
  • LifeWatch ERIC, ES
  • Nordic Folkecenter for Renewable Energy, DK
  • European Council of Transport Users, BE
  • WWF Italia, IT
  • Plan Bleu, FR
  • The Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission – Helsinki Commission, FI
  • Arctic Energy Partners, NO
  • The Queen’s University of Belfast, UK
  • 21c Consultancy, UK
  • Celtic Sea Power, UK



Contacts for Press:

Project coordinator
Judith van Leeuwen
Wageningen University
[email protected]

Communications lead
Pavel Kogut
21c Consultancy
[email protected]

Click the link for more details: PERMAGOV_press-release

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