Power to the People: The latest film from Cornwall Climate Care featuring Celtic Sea Power

With fantastic resources of wind, sun, tides, geothermal heat and critical minerals, Cornwall could drive the whole country’s clean energy revolution.

However, the UK’s 100-year-old grid infrastructure means this potential can’t be harnessed – while huge numbers of local people are living in poorly insulated homes they can’t afford to heat.

Power to the People explores the exciting opportunities and huge challenges facing us as we wean ourselves off fossil fuels – from a farmer who’s found a novel way to combine food production with solar panels, opportunities to use our historic heritage to power the future, and projects to harness the amazing untapped heat 5km down in the Earth’s crust.

Find out what these challenges mean for FLOW in the Celtic Sea, how it holds the potential to significantly contribute to a sustainable future for the whole of Cornwall and the wider UK and what Celtic Sea Power are doing about it with guest appearances from our own Neil Farrington and Piers Guy.


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