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Supporting the Celtic Sea Cluster

To support our leadership and innovation work with the Celtic Sea Cluster, and the Celtic Sea FLOW Regional Strategy, and our engagement work with other key regional entities, including the Celtic Sea Developers’ Alliance and Maritime UK South West, we are leading two large, applied R&D projects, both designed to make a distinctive contribution to the way in which the Celtic Sea FLOW sector develops.


The Cornwall FLOW Accelerator (CFA) is a £6m applied R&D project, part funded by ERDF and part funded by Cornwall Council. CFA has three primary focuses:

FLOW Zonal Planning – this workstream is seeking to accelerate the offshore project development process through, amongst other things, undertaking early offshore works to assess wind resources using FLIDAR, geophysical conditions and environmental factors in larger Celtic Sea ‘zones’ rather than individual project lease areas.

FLOW Modelling & Simulation – this workstream is developing regional, project and vessel models and simulators to allow the possibility of “learning by doing in the virtual environment”, again helping accelerate regional industrialisation and reduce industry costs.

FLOW Decarbonisation – this workstream seeks to reduce the FLOW sector’s own carbon footprint, thus also reducing the industry’s energy input costs.


The Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone (PDZ) is a £4m applied R&D project, part funded by ERDF and part funded by Swansea Bay City Deal. Celtic Sea Power Wales is now working to establish a Multi-connection Offshore Substation (MOS) to support demonstration and pre-commercial FLOW projects in the Celtic Sea. This project offers the possibility of extending the transmission network offshore, and amongst other things may provide important early insights for National Grid on the possibility of extending the transmission network, whilst at the same time minimising cumulative offshore impacts:

Engineering Design – this workstream will focus on the development of a pre-Front End Engineering Design (FEED) concept for a er than individual project lease area;

Consent – this workstream will start the journey of securing a consent for both the deployment in PDZ for a MOS and a cable corridor into Milford Haven;

Regulatory & Commercial Model – this workstream seeks to address the regulatory and commercial challenges associated with the financing, procurement, development, installation, O&M and ownership of a MOS.

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