Animation Disclaimers – August 2023

  • All development areas and cable routes shown in this animation are shown for illustrative purposes and not an accurate representation.  
  • Where development areas and cable routes were in the public domain at time of reporting (Jan – Jun 2023, that information has been used to inform this study.  
  •  The four test and demonstration lease areas were identified by project developers and leased by The Crown Estate. At time of production, 3 of the four areas are subject to the outcome of a Habitats Regulations Assessment.  
  • The Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone is a lease area with the purpose to test and demonstrate wave and tidal stream technology.  
  • Grid Co-ordination Solutions for the larger commercial projects expected to be 4GW in capacity are being assessed as part of the Holistic Network Design Follow Up Exercise (HNDFUE) being led by The Electricity System Operator.  
  • Whilst 2 x 100 MW projects were originally in the scope of the HND FUE, The Test and Demonstration phase projects are now not expecting to form part of the HNDFUE process.
  • The Regulatory Position in the technical animation is CSP’s interpretation of OFGEM’s developing policy around Anticipatory Investment and the Early-Stage Assessment process which is at a minded-to-decision status and may be subject to change. 
  • Costs and calculated financial savings presented in this animation are based on contractor design estimates and experience and considered accurate as of June 2023.