Working for the region to unlock the potential of floating offshore wind

  • Grid and Energy Planning

    Establishing a collaborative and strategic solution to connecting offshore wind farms to the grid, alongside supporting local, regional, and national strategic energy planning.

  • Ports, Infrastructure and Engineering

    Working closely with regional ports and infrastructure owners to establish an ecosystem of low-carbon, highly capable ports to meet the demands of the industry.

  • Workforce Development

    Working with developers, schools, colleges, and universities to establish a pipeline of talent to address skills gaps – and root careers within the region

  • Environmental Characterisation

    Pioneering a collaborative and strategic approach to regional environmental characterisation to reduce consenting risks and minimise the impacts of floating offshore wind.

Our Projects

Cornwall Floating Offshore Wind Accelerator

Working to accelerate offshore wind for the benefit of Cornwall and the wider Celtic Sea region.

Pembrokeshire Demonstration Zone

Developing a low carbon solution to connection floating offshore wind farms to our electricity network

The Data Hub

The data hub project is an extensive data resource for Celtic Sea Floating Offshore Wind development to better understand the climate, wind resource, seabirds and marine mammals. This will support strategic decision making for the consents process using actionable data.

The Celtic Sea Cluster

The Celtic Sea Cluster has set out a clear regional strategy in consultation with a wide-range of regional stakeholders. This will deliver social and economic benefits to Cornwall, South Wales and the greater South West through working groups on: Supply Chain, Innovation, Workforce, Grid and Ports. The Cluster also provides a hub for regional activity and invites local businesses and stakeholders to sign up for updates on floating offshore wind as it develops.

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