PERMAGOV, the Horizon Europe project, aims to contribute to the realization of the EU Green Deal objectives by improving the implementation and performance of EU marine policies within the areas of Marine Energy, Maritime Transport, Marine Life and Marine Litter. PERMAGOV’s project objectives are:
  • To analyze existing EU marine governance structures and gain a thorough understanding of the institutional barriers and both formal and informal dynamics causing fragmentation in EU marine policies related to each of the four marine issue areas.

  • To co-develop and apply a Marine Governance Performance Assessment Framework to assess how institutional barriers, formal and informal collaborations and e-governance tools enable and constrain actors to implement EU marine policies.

  • To co-produce Multi-Layered Collaborative Marine e-Governance Strategies which enhance the capability of end-users to contribute to the implementation of EU marine policies related to the four marine issue areas and achieve the EU Green Deal goals.

You can find out more about the PERMAGOV project here.

PERMAGOV will contribute to the improved performance of marine polices and the successful implementation of EU Green Deal objectives, by an assessment of 9 cases. The European Green Deal aims to tackle challenges such as environmental degradation, loss of biodiversity, climate change, and pollution; transforming the EU into the first climate-neutral continent by 2050. However, the current marine governance setup is making it more difficult to reach Green Deal targets. The 9 assessment cases are: De-carbonizing shipping, Motorways of the Sea (Maritime Shipping), Seabed integrity, Sustainable fisheries in MPAs (Marine Life), Floating Wind, Energy island, Offshore Wind (Marine Energy), Marine litter (Baltic and Mediterranean Seas)(Marine Plastics). The project will focus on enabling and constraining conditions of institutional barriers and possibilities for multi-layered collaboration.

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Characteristics for PERMAGOV is co-production and co-creation from the start to the end of the project and beyond. Together with end-users and stakeholders from maritime industries, NGOs, researchers and policymakers the Performance Assessment Framework will be developed and applied, in co-production the cases will be assessed, innovative Governance Strategies will be developed and digital tools will be improved in order to overcome the barriers hampering the performance of marine policies and the successful implementation of the objectives of the European Green Deal.

Celtic Sea Power’s key role in the project is representation for the Floating Offshore Wind Sector and end user needs.

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